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Under the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622 of the Laws of Hong Kong), companies incorporated in Hong Kong must appoint a company secretary to perform the company’s statutory responsibilities, including the timely disclosure and reporting of specified information about the company, its officers and shareholders, etc. and any changes in such information to the Registrar of Companies so that members of the public can have ready access to the latest information of the company kept by the Registrar of Companies.

If fails to comply with the provision, the company and every responsible person of the company are liable to prosecution and, if convicted, default fines. The maximum penalty is HK$50,000 for each breach and, in the case of a continuing offence, a daily default fine of HK$1,000.

Our services including:
  • Act as Company Secretary
  • Prepare and Submit Annual Return
  • Prepare Documents for Annual General Meeting
  • Update Company Registers
  • Change Company Name
  • Applying Company Deregistration
  • Share Transfer
  • Change of Company Registered Office and Branch Address
  • Change of Shareholders’ Personal Information
  • Change of Company Secretary and Directors’ Personal Information
  • Appointment and Removal of Directors
  • Prepare Significant Controller Register
  • Assist in Opening Bank Account
  • Provide Registered Address

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