Company Setup
  • Establish a Hong Kong limited company
  • Establish a ready-made Hong Kong limited company
  • Establish an unlimited company and partner company
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Company Secretary
  • Serve as company secretary
  • Keep a register of important controllers
  • Assist in opening a bank account
  • Provide registered address
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  • Prepare accounting accounts on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis
  • Provide financial statements
  • Assist in the establishment of an accounting system
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  • Provide statutory audit
  • Provide special purpose audit
  • Provide internal audit to improve operational efficiency and profitability
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  • Handling annual profits tax returns and related matters
  • Fill in the profits tax return
  • Application for Profits Tax Return Extension
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Legal Advisory
  • Establish a foreign-invested enterprise
  • Perennial legal counsel
  • Consultation on shareholders equity
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Fund Application
  • Approved ITF Projects
  • Trade and Industrial Organisation Support Fund
  • Funding Scheme
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Business Insurance Consultation
  • MPF consulting
  • MPF scheme account application
  • Insurance on employees compensation, medical and office
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Information Technology
  • AI chatbot
  • Web design
  • Eshop
  • Cloud hosting
  • Email service
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